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Your responses about our products

I have been fishing carsington in a boat and blithfield off the bank this year and had some good catches of about 20 fish each time. Just going for the morning mainly and I bet 95% of them have been caught on your flies mainly black and red and black and white.

I used some of your buzzers on Monday as not a lot of fish were being caught due to the rain and wind, but as im not a buzzer lover (dry fly is my best way to fish) i went on them, after a long two hours i had caught 8 fish, more than any body that day. So i can say that, Yes they work and also they are yery easy to tie.SC

Received my order this morning 60 buzzers tied by mid day that stuff is amazing I'll be in contact soon thanking you JH

Wow, it´s a great stuff, your foils – its so easy to use, its baby-simply to tie with it (comment from Germany)

Shipment arrived ok am really pleased with it and many thanks for the free flies , it really is easy to use.Fantastic.

Ive had some great fishing over the past few months with your nymphs but have had a few breaks so thought time to update my box and try a few new colour combinations! I especially like the look of the gold and violet ones!

Just a comment to say how excellent I thought your flies are. Having just purchased from your web site a 25 rainbow pack, the quality of the fly and super sharp hooks are a dream

Thanks for a brilliant product and first class service

Many thanks for the order which I recieved today. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!

Am enjoying the product and the extra dimension it gives to my fly tying.

Can't wait to get home tonight and get stuck in to tying some patterns for this weekends fishing.

Hi keith, just had a great day fishing buzers and was wanting to ask about your make your own kits you sell so i could posibly try my own colours.

I think the trout liked your flies because they are thinner than the buzzers I would normally use, and this seemed to go down well with the trout, maybe a more natural profile possibly, but what ever it was they were great to fish with.
Just to let you know I received my order today and the flies look great and I am very happy with them! (Heres hoping the fish like them also!!)

I spent a few hours tying this morning and have really got the hang of it now and have made up some very good looking nymphs.

Just tied 150 buzzers using the product. Its superb! So easy and quick to use and flies look great, - hope the fish like them. Will keep you informed as the season progresses. thanks.

Six fish in barely half an hour.

Kevin has had an enjoyable time making up the flies from his first pack and him and his mate were happily sitting in the living room last week for at least 2/3 hours trying out all different variations that they could come up with, keeps the boys quiet so Im happy! This pack has really got Kevin into fly tying, something which he has wanted to start doing for a long while and this has prompted him to sit down and actually do it and he wants to continue to do some more so all in all a very good idea.

By the way Kevin has made up some 80 flies and has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of making the buzzers/nymphs, great pack.

I have tied nymphs and dries with your foil for my son who has participated at THE HARR FESTIVALEN on the River Glomma in Norway and has won for two years the competition. There were fishermen belonging to International Fly Fishing Teams, but they hadn't my flies! Have a look at this site: fotografier and resultater year 2011/2012. Thanks a lot for your wonderful product.

Some views on our ways of working

I'm pleased to say my order arrived today very good service, I'm very very impressed

Un grand merci pour ce service exceptionnel.

What a service! I look forward to trying the hooks.

Thanks again for your help and quick replies to emails, and prompt sending of orders.

Received my flies today and they look great, thanks for the quick sending of them as now allows me to do some damage tomorrow at my local water, Haddo trout fishery, I hope.

Thanks for getting back to me promptly.

Thanks for letting me know and for sending my order so quickly, Im looking forward to receiving it.

Smashing thanks for the response, i'll get an order in asap, thanks again and i look forward to receiveing my flies.

Have just recieved the mini strips and the hooks you so kindly enclosed. Thank you very much for your efficiency and generosity,- both rare commodities these days.

Thank from a very very satisfied customer.

Nice to have a chat this morning, order using my paypal a/c went fine, so hopefully your gremlins have gone to pastures new !!

Many thanks once again.

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