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Naiad, myth or reality?

Mythical naiads.

in Greek mythology, a naiad is a nymph goddess that protects lakes and rivers. She helps to preserve the delicate balance and beauty of nature and so cares for the environment and its inhabitants. Naiad is therefore a reference to nymph deities and nymph fly-fishing.

100s of patterns for 100s of fishing conditions.

Keith Roderick, the founder of Naiad is British and lives in France. As a passionate fly-fisherman, he has been using buzzers for decades. His bottom line is that trout take nymphs because of their size, colour and shape. Fish do not care about the time-consuming & tedious efforts efforts of fly-tyers, however super the flies are.
Keith set himself the goal of designing an innovative nymph product that would adapt to any fishing condition and maximize fishing time.

Innovative Buzzers

Such a product would have to be able to fulfill the traditional nymph size and colour requirements but without the messy efforts and time needed to make buzzers. Naiad nymph features:

  • Hi-tech material: Highly adhesive scotch tape.
  • Versatile patterns: Available in many colours and sizes.
  • Virtually indestructible: The tape withstands 600 mph winds, resists lengthy water immersions and all climates.
  • Fast, clean & simple: Wrap the tape around the hook in 1 minute! No messy varnish, materials or tools.

From myth to reality...

Keith's catch rate using the nymphs became legendary on the waters he fishes in France and England.
His friends also began to use them to such an extent that was launched to be able to fulfill orders.

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